Hi, I’m Tealeaf! I’m a raccoon furry (and fursuiter) from Canada.

About the blog

This blog is an outlet for the various thoughts I have about the furry fandom. Most posts will fall into one of two categories: furry data analysis, or fursuiting. I’m a statistician by trade, but a complete novice to fursuiting, so my contributions to each of these topics will probably reflect this!

About Tealeaf

Tealeaf was created by artist extraodinaire Matrices, and debuted at Midwest Furfest in 2016. He’s a Canadian raccoon of British heritage, whose name comes from his love of tea in particular and the natural world in general (although it’s no coincidence that ‘tea leaf’ is cockney rhyming slang for ‘thief’!).

About Me

When not pretending to be a raccoon on the Internet, I work as a statistics professor. Part of my work focuses on communicating statistics to non-statistical audiences, which I hope will come in handy on this blog!

Contact me

Questions or comments? Contact me on Twitter @TealeafRaccoon or email tealeafraccoon@gmail.com